When I was a little girl, I loved illustrations. You could find me snuggled in a corner of the library, dreaming away in thick volume of illustrated fairy tales, or dilligently drawing my own visualisations of favorite stories. It was my dream to become an illustrator and create my own wonderful worlds between the pages of a story, and to make the world we live in more creative and beautiful with my work - something I can actually do for a living now!

about me

In 2003 I entered the CABK Art Academy, and graduated in 2009 as an illustrator. I discovered that one of my strengths is autobiographic work - drawings and short films that sprung from the experiences I've had living overseas, or the frustrations that being hard-of-hearing creates in daily life. My graduation project was a book visualizing my handicap, an eye-opener for the people around me, enabling them to understand my situation better. The personal input makes my work unique, touching and recognizable. Since then I've been busy experimenting with different styles, drawing lots of sketches and working on (and looking for) some new projects! Check Didintle's blog for my most recent work.

Why is my website named Didintle? I was born in South Africa, and my parents gave me the South African name 'Didintle' as my middle name. At a certain point I started using 'Didintle' to label my work, and it stuck.

If you’re interested in more about me or my work, or if you have a project for Didintle, please contact me!