I thought it would be fun to share some of the illustrators that inspire me! There are lots and lots of them of course, but here are a few that I’ve loved to look at lately.

Becca Green

Becca makes wonderfully whimsical illustrations. I’m still enjoying the diary she illustrated for Flow. But it gets even better: she makes these amazing 3D ‘illustrations’ too!

green  23d  LittleOctoberPartyws


Becca Stadlander

A bit similar to Becca Green is Becca Stadlander. Beautiful landscapes, gorgeous flowers and wonderful book covers….

stadlandter  stadlanter2


Chuck Groenink

Chuck Groenink is a Dutch illustrator who now lives in Seattle. As a former graduate, he actually once taught an illustration class at my art academy; we had to illustrate fairy tales. My drawings were not so good, but I was inspired by his work and have been following it ever since. I can’t believe how many books he has already illustrated, with a technique that builds up each illustration layer by layer…. what a lot of work! But the result is amazing.

chuck  chuck2


Elodie Nouhen

When we were on our honey moon, we visited the grand house where Leonardo da Vinci lived and worked. In the tourist shop I spotted a book of fairy tales illustrated by Elodie Nouhen. I fell in love with her illustrations, and the book (Contes) has been on my desk ever since. I especially love her use of composition and the quirky way she draws her figures.

elodie2  elodie3

Fiep Westendorp

And last but not least, one of the most famous Dutch illustrators ever: Fiep Westendorp. I see her work everyday in the books I read to Jaeden. She is most famous for her Jip and Janneke figures, but I especially love her colored, full-page illustrations.

fiep1   fiep2



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