Kids….never a dull moment!

A while ago I went to the Intratuin and the boys were hungry, so we sat down for a drink and a bite. Of course the boys couldn’t be still for a moment,...

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morning gymnastics

At least once a day our couch is dismantled, and the cushions are all laid out to make a bouncy gymnastics area. With a dramatic run – bounce – jump – crash – roll Jaeden tackles our...

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being a mom

Being a mom….

Being a mom is quite a job. A big one. A challenging one. With lots of not-so-glamourous moments (ehm….days)!

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On my desk today….

Today’s sketch: a collection of odds and ends laying on my desk…

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To Amersfoort and back again

Today’s sketch: a quick little drawing picturing yesterday’s train ride with  Jaeden! We went to Amersfoort and back, just to have a little mother-and-son bonding time. He loved every minute of it (he...

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I thought it would be fun to share some of the illustrators that inspire me! There are lots and lots of them of course, but here are a few that I’ve loved to...

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Last year Wilma Seijbel, who was then setting up a new publishing company, Uitgeverij Karmijn, asked if I would like to illustrate the cover for their Dutch edition of the Goose Girl. The...

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This is how I hear you….!

Last week I finished a little booklet I can give to people to help them understand my hearing impairment. It visualizes several aspects of my hearing loss, and gives some basic tips on how...

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feeling a bit….too young

Last week I was sitting in the office of my hearing aid care professionals, when it suddenly hit me that I was quite out of place there – all the clients, even the ones...

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li’ll munchkin

Today’s drawing: our little munchkin chewing up a wooden spatula. 

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